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eHomeHeroes First Responder program delivers online, face-to-face counseling for PTSD and related issues, allowing anytime, anywhere access to outstanding licensed counselors via smart phone, tablet or computer. It’s easy, flexible and 100% confidential. We exist to help our heroes get their lives back.

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You Aren't Alone. Thousands Of First Responders Nationwide Are Experiencing The Stress and Mental Toll of the Job.

  • According to a Harris Poll survey, 80% of firefighters and 90% of police officers and EMTs have experienced or been exposed to a traumatic event. 33% of those surveyed have received a formal diagnosis of a mental health disorder.
  • The Journal of Occupational Health reported 20% of firefighters and paramedics have PTSD
  • A 2015 Florida State University study shows almost 47 percent of firefighters and EMTs have thought about suicide. A survey of more than 4,000 first responders found that 6.6 percent had attempted suicide, which is more than 10 times the rate in the general population, according to a 2015 Journal of Emergency Medical Services article.
  • More firefighters commit suicide as a result of PTSD than are killed in the line of duty, and more police officers commit suicide as a result of PTSD than are killed at the hands of criminals

Remove the stigma from seeking help. Seeing a counselor can help you build resilience and learn strategies to manage stress, anxiety and the daily challenges of life.

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eHH Offers A Portfolio of Treatment Options To Work With Your Schedule and Life

Our Counseling Is:

Confidential & HIPAA Compliant




Traditional Counseling Services:

  • Counselors are found by word of mouth, and may not be qualified.
  • Appointments are made by phone or website
  • You have to travel, visit and wait in waiting rooms
  • Appointments have hard stops without accessibility to help and support until the next scheduled time
  • No quality metrics to quantitatively diagnose conditions, show therapy effectiveness or determine a treatment endpoint

eHome Counseling Services:

  • eHH counselors are selected through a rigorous process and then reviewed with the Sixth Sense™ counselor performance, training and coaching
  • Clients and counselors are carefully matched for specialized PTSD expertise
  • Appointments can be easily made online, by phone or by email. View upcoming appointments, and receive email and text reminders.
  • Sessions are held online face-to -face through videoconferencing or text. This ensures complete confidentiality, convenience and accessibility.
  • Services are accessible anytime, anywhere, via smartphone, tablet, or computer, removing the barriers of time, distance and stigma
  • Evidence-based metrics are used for diagnosis, tracking and improved outcomes
  • The eHH platform uses fully Integrated, HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2-compliant system

It Only Takes Three Months To Get Your Life Back

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Watch Wesh 2's Exclusive Report on our revolutionary treatment and some of the former First Responders that are making it a reality.

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Our Formula: Great Diagnostics + Great Counseling = Great Outcomes

eHome Heroes Program Components

A Proven and More Accessible Approach to PTSD Treatment

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The Sixth Sense™ Counselor Performance Model

A key differentiator for eHome Behavioral Care is our Sixth Sense™ counselor performance model. Our model leverages technology and the attributes of our successful 6th Sense counselors to select similar, high-performing therapists. These counselors undergo extensive background checks and complete online training courses prior to becoming an eHome Behavioral Care counselor.

Using metric based feedback from M3 assessments and client satisfaction surveys, our counselors can be recognized for outstanding performance and coached in areas of opportunity. Our integrated systems and home office team allow counselors to spend their time with clients, rather than completing paperwork. Counselors are supported with supervisors and peer case reviews that provide emotional support and sharing of best practices.

Get Your Life Back, You Can Have A Confidential Appointment Tomorrow.

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We are focused on redeeming and restoring the lives of those grappling with PTSD and related issues using our high-engagement, high-solutions treatment program. You can rest assured that you will be in great hands with eHome Heroes. Contact us today.

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